Volunteer of the Month: Jake Omen

Jake Omen Million Meal Movement Volunteer of the Month

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Each month we focus on a volunteer and share their story. This month we’d like you to introduce you to Jake Omen.

If it takes strength to fight hunger at home, then we’re in good hands with our Volunteer of the Month Jake Omen! Jake is an Indianapolis-based professional wrestler, and the Anderson University graduate describes himself as a “lover of all things Indy.”

Jake has been volunteering with us for two years. After attending his first meal packing event, he was excited to play a bigger part in Million Meal Movement. When asked what he values most about giving back through Million Meal Movement, Jake’s answer was all the great, optimistic volunteers that want to make a difference. We agree! We may be biased, but we think we have the best volunteers around.

Like many of our volunteers, Jake cites the Million Meal Marathon as one of his most memorable volunteer experiences.

“I was able to be a part starting the night before for set-up and through every shift of the day. Seeing so many people come through to give some of their time and the community that was built that day was fantastic.”

If he could use one word to encourage someone to come and volunteer with this or any other organization, Jake would use the word “altruistic.” Merriam-Webster defines altruistic as “having or showing an unselfish concern for the welfare of others.” Jake, your service to Million Meal Movement and the hungry in Indiana is altruism in action! Thank you for all you do.

Speaking of action, if you’d like to see Jake Omen, professional wrestler, in action you’re in luck! He’s competing in a family-friend pro-wrestling event on April 27 in Pendleton. More information available through White River Wrestling.

We are thrilled when new volunteers walk in the door, no matter their age or experience. Thank you to all our volunteers. Whether you’ve packed 1 meal or 10,000, you’re helping to fight hunger at home. Curious about upcoming volunteer opportunities? Sign up for our volunteer newsletter or like our Facebook page to get the latest volunteer updates.

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