Volunteer of the Month: Nikki Moore

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Each month we focus on a volunteer and share their story. This month we’d like you to introduce you to Nikki Moore.

Million Meal Movement Indiana Pacers Charity Event

Nikki (center, holding the Million Meal Movement box) at the Pacers Packing Event in December.

If you’ve ever met Nikki Moore, chances are she’s tried to recruit you to join Million Meal Movement! She’s one of our biggest advocates, spreading the word about our mission far and wide.

Nikki first got involved in a company-sponsored pack, volunteering with a friend. Seven years later, she’s still with us, coordinating groups of her own to volunteer! You can imagine that in 7 years of working with Million Meal Movement, she’s had some memorable experiences. Nikki recalls working side-by-side with a single mother of 5 who had received meals herself in a “whole other life.” Coming through that time of need and finding herself in a position to give back, she was volunteering with Million Meal Movement. Hearing the stories of others while serving is a powerful experience.

Spending time working in food pantries has given Nikki the opportunity to reflect on the value of Million Meal Movement’s work in the community. She’s seen the meals you pack go out to people in need, and realizes how gratifying it can be to know you helped pack those meals. Nikki tell us that, “You can’t put a price on that feeling.” It’s such a wonderful gift for us as well, knowing that Nikki has the experience with the product to educate the recipients of the meals on the best ways to prepare them for their families.

We always ask our Volunteers of the Month to give us one word they would use to encourage someone to volunteer. Every month we think the answer couldn’t get any better, and then our next volunteer blows us away with their insight yet again! Nikki’s word of choice was Inspire. Why inspire?

“We have a responsibility to give back and also to pay it forward,” Nikki says. “Not volunteering and not giving back are just NOT options. We owe that to everyone we have every been inspired by.”

Nikki, you inspire us every time you recruit new volunteers for us, spread the word, and show up at our events! Thanks for all you do for Million Meal Movement.

We are thrilled when new volunteers walk in the door, no matter their age or experience. Thank you to all our volunteers. Whether you’ve packed 1 meal or 10,000, you’re helping to fight hunger at home. Curious about upcoming volunteer opportunities? Sign up for our volunteer newsletter or like our Facebook page to get the latest volunteer updates.

Nikki Moore Million Meal Movement Volunteer of the Month

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