Volunteer of the Month: Dayne Arnett

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Each month we focus on a volunteer and share their story. This month we’d like you to meet Dayne Arnett.

Million Meal Movement Volunteer of the Month Dayne Arnett

Dayne is one of our younger volunteers. A senior in high school, he’s been volunteering with us since his freshman year. Many high school students search for volunteer opportunities to include on their college applications. (And we’re all for that – send your students our way!) Dayne wanted to spend his time doing something he believed was truly effective in terms of impact, and for that reason he chose Million Meal Movement. At the end of every pack you know exactly how many meals you’ve packed and how many families you’ve fed.

We asked Dayne what he values most about giving back with Million Meal Movement, and we couldn’t agree more with his answer: the atmosphere.

“You walk in, and you’re surrounded by good people,” Dayne says. “You’re surrounded by people that just want to help other people. I have enjoyed the many conversations that I’ve been able to have with probably some of the best people I’ve ever met.”

If Dayne could choose one word to encourage people to get involved in volunteering, it would be “change.”

“Nothing is more absolute than progress being a result of change, and everyone has the power to make change.”

Thank you, Dayne, for volunteering with Million Meal Movement and being such an inspiring force for change in your community! We wish you all the best as a Purdue Boilermaker this fall.

We are thrilled when new volunteers walk in the door, no matter their age or experience. Thank you to all our volunteers. Whether you’ve packed 1 meal or 10,000, you’re helping to fight hunger at home. Curious about upcoming volunteer opportunities? Sign up for our volunteer newsletter or like our Facebook page to get the latest volunteer updates.

Million Meal Movement Volunteering Quote

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