Tyler Cross

After graduating from IUPUI (IUI) in 2024 with degrees in Sociology and Political Science, Tyler Cross joined Million Meal Movement. His commitment to addressing homelessness, hunger, and poverty, which he has witnessed among friends and family, is truly inspiring. A native of Indiana, Tyler is dedicated to supporting his fellow Hoosiers in the fight against hunger and making a lasting, positive impact on the communities of Indiana.

Tyler has worked and served in various roles since leaving the Marine Corps in 2019, including warehouse and community volunteering. Tyler has studied extensively on housing insecurity and poverty in the Indianapolis area. He seeks to use the experience and knowledge gained from his service, education, and career to effect positive change in the lives of Indianapolis and Indiana residents.

When Tyler is not busy with his cause, he enjoys spending time with his cats and partner, hiking, and exploring Indianapolis. He is always open to new experiences and connections, whether it’s over a beer, a frisbee toss, or a deep conversation about his favorite books. His eagerness to learn and explore new things makes him a welcoming and inclusive individual

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