Operation Winter Meals

When you see rising prices at the grocery store, you think about families less fortunate than yours. How are they putting meals on the table? How can you help? That’s the kind of person you are.

Winter is always a tough time for food banks and food pantries. They see more Hoosiers needing help than any other time of year.

We pack shelf-stable, nutritious, delicious meals and distribute them to food banks and food pantries throughout Indiana. These meals reach people in YOUR community when they need them most.

Starting on Giving Tuesday, we are launching Operation Winter Meals. The goal is to provide 20,000 meals to hungry Hoosiers this winter. Every $1 you give helps provide at least 3 meals to Hoosiers facing hunger. Will you help us keep the shelves at your local food pantry full this winter?

Food pantries like Crooked Creek Food Pantry need your help. They’re serving 3,800 families each month, and the number is climbing rapidly.  

“It’s a tsunami of demand,” according to Executive Director Stephen Claffey. “It’s a great concern: ‘Will we have enough food for these families?’” 

Your gift of $25 will provide food pantries like Crooked Creek with 70 meals. 

 “It makes a huge difference for a pantry to know that they have enough food to distribute,” says Stephen.” 

Will you support Operation Winter Meals and help keep the shelves at your local food pantry full this winter?

With your help, Hoosiers can hunger for something greater than their next meal this winter. 

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