New Million Meal Marathon Sponsorship Level Available

It may seem as if the Million Meal Marathon comes together into successful day of service on its own, but it takes a community to make it happen. It is through the generous donations of sponsors we’re able to provide the ingredients that make up our complete meals, and get them into the homes of those that need them the most. It’s simple: the more sponsors we have, the more meals we can pack. Our goal is 1 million meals in one day. We need community partners like you to help us provide the raw materials to get there. We are pleased to expand our Million Meal Marathon sponsorship levels to accommodate a wider group of donors and volunteers.

Million Meal Marathon Sponsor Indianapolis Colts Matthias Farley

In the past our Million Meal Marathon sponsorship levels have been focused on the business community, but this year we’re offering a new sponsorship level geared toward smaller budgets. At just $500, Supporting Sponsors enjoy the benefits of reserving a table and packing meals at Lucas Oil Stadium.

What is included at the Supporting Sponsor Level?

  • Packing table reserved for up to 12 participants at the 2018 Million Meal Marathon on Tuesday, November 13, 2018.
  • Choice of afternoon packing shifts: 2:30 – 4:30 pm or 5:30 – 7:30 pm
  • Opportunity to pack an estimated 4000 meals to be distributed to local food banks.

Million Meal Marathon Sponsorship

Who should consider the Supporting Sponsor Level?

  • Small businesses and organizations with a limited budget for philanthropical giving.
  • Families, friends, neighbors and other small groups who want to participate in a unique volunteer experience together.

Million Meal Marathon Sponsorship opportunities

Why should you consider Million Meal Marathon Sponsorship?

Hunger isn’t just a Third World problem. In Indiana alone, more than one million people – including one in five children – struggle with hunger. We exist for them, but we also exist for you: our community partners that are hungry to make a difference. When you become a Million Meal Marathon sponsor you’re helping the hungry at home. We work with local distributors to deliver each and every meal packed at the Million Meal Marathon to food pantries throughout Indiana. Volunteering brings people together, whether it’s your coworkers, small group, friends, neighbors or family. Give us your support by choosing a Million Meal Marathon sponsorship level and together we’ll fight hunger at home.

Creative Ways to Raise Funds to Participate at the Supporting Level

At a cost of just $42 per person (for a group of 12; $46 for a group of 11 or $50 for a group of 10), the Supporting Sponsor Level is an affordable option for smaller groups to get involved in the Million Meal Marathon. We realize that $500 is still a significant investment of your money though! With that in mind, here are some creative ways your group can raise funds to participate:

  • Host a peer-to-peer fundraiser on Facebook or GoFundMe. (Not sure how to do this? We can help!)
  • Have a fall-themed bake sale.
  • Host a Rake-a-Thon. Ask for a suggested donation in exchange for volunteers from your group to rake the donor’s yard.
  • Put a donation jar out at your next Colts or college football tailgate, or host a game day viewing party and ask for a small donation to attend.

How can you become a Million Meal Marathon sponsor?

For more information on becoming a partner and the benefits included in the different Million Meal Marathon sponsorship levels, please view our Million Meal Marathon Sponsor Information page, call us at 317-863-8655 or email us at

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