Million Meal Movement Partners with Indiana State Police to Fight Hunger

Thanks to a partnership with Million Meal Movement, Indiana State Police troopers will be better equipped to provide assistance when dealing with food insecure Hoosiers. On May 30, 2018, Million Meal Movement’s Shane Scarlett delivered meals to Indiana State Police headquarters. The meals will be made available to troopers throughout the state.

Million Meal Movement and Indiana State Police hunger relief

The partnership puts 306 bags of our nutritious, high-protein meals into the vehicles of state police troopers for them to distribute to families or other people they meet. The donation to troopers provides 2,160 meals and feeds the equivalent of 540 families of four. This initial donation consists of meals packed by local Charles Schwab employees during their annual Volunteer Week.

State Police Sgt. Brent Gulinson said the pairing puts another tool in troopers’ belts to help reach out to community members in need. Troopers will often use their own money to purchase a quick meal for a family or person they are assisting and the addition of these food bags in their vehicles makes that process simpler and healthier.

“It’s certainly another resource for us to provide to the public, and we’re always welcome to those and especially when it comes to food. It’s obviously a necessity for life,” Gulinson said. “Anything we can provide to help them, especially those down on their luck, we’re happy to do.”

Million Meal Movement partners with Indiana State Police Troopers

Million Meal Movement has been providing meals to the hungry since 2007, and is always  looking ways to reach more people.

“This is above beyond my expectations. I never thought that we would be partnering with the state police,” said Shane Scarlett, general manager of Million Meal Movement.

“We want to curb the crime and poverty with the food donation. If we can give that to the State Police and let them impact that someone, and if a guy is thinking about committing a crime because he’s poverty-ridden, but the food is there hopefully he will go in a different direction,” Scarlett said.

How can you help us keep this partnership going? Donate to help offset the cost of ingredients or sponsor a meal packing event. Questions? Email us at

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