Now More than Ever, Your Dollars and Time Make a Difference


We need your help. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our families, friends, and neighbors are hurting. We are seeing a dramatic increase in requests for our meals from local food banks and food pantries (in some cases, 150-300%) serving the most vulnerable. Thanks to all the meals you helped us pack in the months before COVID-19 hit, we’ve been able to answer the call.

Due to the increased demand and the necessity of canceling our large packing events, we are now dangerously low on meals to distribute.

There are two ways you can help during this time of tremendous need:

1. PACK MEALS: Volunteer in person (as long as you’re not in a high-risk category or caring for someone who is) at the 10th Annual Million Meal Marathon. We’ve changed the format to keep our packers and volunteers safe. Instead of a one-day event, the Marathon will bring together smaller groups of people to pack meals to benefit Hoosiers. Click here to learn more about our safe volunteering opportunity.

Sign up for the Million Meal Marathon!


2. DONATE (Below): If you’re not able to volunteer, can you donate instead? Your donation helps us offset the costs of these packs and feed more Hoosiers. The Million Meal Movement is a 501(c)3 organization, and there are now Enhanced Charitable Giving Incentives available from the recently passed CARES Act. Click here for more information.




We’re committed to feeding the hungry and teaching the importance of volunteerism. We rely on generous gifts from individuals, corporate sponsors, and grants to cover the costs of our materials and operations.

Just $1.00 provides 4 meals, and a small gift of $10 means 40 nutritious meals for hungry Hoosiers. Whether you donate $1 or $1,000,000, your financial contribution will help us shape an Indiana where everyone can hunger for something greater than their next meal.

Other ways to support the hungry:

  1. Use everyday purchases to support the Million Meal Movement when you register your Amazon Smile account or Kroger Card (our number is #FK017).
  2. Ask your employer about a matching gift program.
  3. Create a Fundraiser on Facebook to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or for no other reason than to support the fight to end hunger. Click here to set up your fundraiser today
  4. Sign up for the Million Meal Movement monthly newsletter for updates on how you can help us fight hunger at home.

Looking for a fast way to give on the go?

VenmoMillion Meal Movement is excited to announce that you can now make donations using Venmo. To donate to the Million Meal Movement on your mobile device, click here


Your support of the Million Meal Movement and our mission to end hunger allows us to quickly respond to the changing needs of our community. Coping with this pandemic will strain us all, but these hardships will be even more challenging for families who have children missing out on school meals; who work for hourly wages they cannot earn; and who do not have the resources to stock up on food or supplies. Million Meal Movement is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donations are tax-deductible. Click here for details.