Hunger Action Month

September is many things. It’s back-to-school, the return of football, pumpkin spice everything, and crisp evenings. September is also Hunger Action Month.

Hunger Action Month Million Meal Movement

What is it?

Hunger Action Month is a month dedicated to to fighting hunger in the United States, presented by the Feeding America‘s network of food banks. As part of our mission to fight hunger at home, Million Meal Movement partners with many of Feeding America’s food banks in Indiana, including Hoosier Hills Food Bank, Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, and Food Finders Food Bank.

Why should you participate?

Taking action against food insecurity has never been more important. Every day, people in your own community are making an impossible choice – pay the bills or buy food. Can you imagine having to choose between keeping the lights on or feeding your family? For over 1 million Hoosiers, it’s their reality. Hunger is a world-wide problem, but’s also happening right here. Together we can do something about it.

How can you take action?

Every action counts in the fight against hunger! Whether you pack meals, volunteer with us, or donate, you are making a difference. Here are 3 ways you can take action during Hunger Action Month:

Sign Up for the Million Meal Marathon

The Million Meal Marathon is our signature event, and in 2021 we are celebrating 11 years of fighting hunger at home. The Marathon begins on October 14 at the Tip-Off with the Indiana Pacers at Indiana Farmers Coliseum. Beginning October 26, weekly packs will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays. Two weekend packs will also be held to accommodate families and small groups.  All meals packed at the Million Meal Marathon will benefit hungry Hoosiers and will be delivered to food pantries throughout Indiana.


Our volunteers help us run meal packing events, making it possible for our meal packing participants to donate thousands of hours and distribute millions of meals to the hungry in Indiana. We welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities. It’s great for families – children over the age of 5 can assist in our volunteer activities. Volunteer when it works for your schedule. In just a few hours, you can make a difference. You can view and sign up for Marathon volunteer shifts on our Calendar.


Your donations helps us offset the costs of meal packs and feed more Hoosiers. Just $1.00 provides 3 meals, and a small gift of $10 means 30 nutritious meals for hungry Hoosiers. Whether you donate $1 or $1,000,000, your financial contribution will help us shape an Indiana where everyone can hunger for something greater than their next meal. Donate one time or choose to give monthly!

This month, we’re hosting a special Hunger Action Month fundraiser on Facebook. Our goal is to raise $1782. Does that seem like an odd amount? It’s special to us because $1782 is a pallet full of nutritious meals. With your support, we can deliver an entire pallet of meals to a local food pantry. These smaller food pantries are vital to fighting hunger in your community, and our meals are in high demand. Will you help us deliver a pallet of these meals to a local food pantry during Hunger Action Month?
Thank you for helping us fight hunger at home during Hunger Action Month!


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