Covid-19 Hunger Relief Pack

Governor Holcomb has classified food relief organizations like the Million Meal Movement as an essential service to the community, allowing volunteers to do the work our community desperately needs.

Hoosiers families are struggling in this difficult time. Food pantries across the state are under great demand as our friends and neighbors suffer the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak. Join us as we seek to assist those most at risk.

Safe Meal Packing

We recognize that many of you will only feel comfortable at this time volunteering in small groups with proper health and social distancing precautions, and so we’re offering packs just for you. We’re inviting small groups (25 people or less) to pack meals with us for 90 minutes.  A fee of $20 per person will be charged to help offset the cost of the pack. NOTE: In order to operate efficiently, packs with less than 5 people signed up will be canceled.

We want to do our part in not causing further contagion. We are taking extreme distancing and personal protection measures for those participating in these small packs. Million Meal Movement is operating under a “Bring Your Own Mask” policy. If you have access to a mask, please wear that to volunteer; If you do not, please bring a scarf or other fine fabric that can be tightly wrapped around nose and mouth. Gloves will be provided by Million Meal Movement. A hand-washing station will be mandatory for all participating and commonly touched surfaces will be properly sanitized by staff before and after each volunteer shift.

Million Meal Movement is asking adults over the age of 60, and anyone with serious chronic medical conditions (heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, etc) to remain at home during this time.

In addition, Million Meal Movement asks that each volunteer read the below paragraphs before signing up to attend these packs:

1. Have you traveled outside of the United States in the last 14 days, including a cruise to any destination?

2. Have you traveled to domestic hotspots such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Florida, Washington, or Illinois?

3. Have you experienced any respiratory symptoms such as congestion, cough, sore throat, or fever in the last 7 days?

4. Have you had any contact with someone who has recently been tested for novel coronavirus or is under investigation for novel coronavirus (Covid-19)?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we ask that you refrain from volunteering for at least 14 days. If you develop symptoms within that timeframe, please consult your health care provider